Free Handbook of Statistics on Psychometrics

There have been tremendous developments in Psychometric theory, methodology, computation and applications in the past decades; consequently, a vast knowledge base in the form of books, research articles, and conference presentations has accumulated in the field. The Handbook of Statistics on Psychometrics highlights recent developments in the theory, methodology, applications, and computational methods. The collection of articles included in this volume are written by the leading experts in Psychometrics, and should serve as a guide to research scholars, reading material for graduate students and source material for consultants and practitioners in universities as well as industries.The broad coverage will provide a general overview of the vast expanses of the field, and will provide the reader with the state-of-the-art of Psychometrics methods that are available as well as the frontiers of research activities in developing new and better methodologies.

Table of contents: Psychometrics, Classical Test Theory, Validity, Reliability, Differential Item, Equating Test Scores, Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Multilevel Models, Latent Class, Random-Effects Models, Item Response Theory, Rasch Models, Hierarchical Item Response Theory, Multidimensional Item Response Theory, Scoring Open Ended Questions, Assessing the Fit of Item Response Theory, Nonparametric Item Response Theory, Automatic Item Generation and Cognitive Psychology, Statistical Inference for Causal Effects, Statistical Aspects of Adaptive Testing, Bayesian Psychometric Modeling, Value-Added Modeling, Three Statistical Paradoxes in the Interpretation of Group Differences, Meta-Analysis, Vertical Scaling

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2 Responses to “Free Handbook of Statistics on Psychometrics”

  1. it is very good resourse for students. thanks very much

  2. thank you!!!

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